Family Counselling & Support 

Provides counselling and support for families with children under age 19. Promotes safe, healthy and nurturing families that are strongly connected to community and culture, using trauma informed and strength based strategies to best meet their needs.  Provides assessment, intervention, counselling, modelling and education to assist and support families to build competencies and strengthen family functioning.

What Is the Service

  • Our staff meet with participants at their request:
    • In Office
    • In Home
    • In the Community
  • Family Counselling is a supportive, educational and goal-oriented service.
  • Families gain skills and strategies to:
    • Cope with life transitions
    • Understand family dynamics
    • Anticipate and manage the stresses of daily living
    • Improve role competency
    • Improve family and social functioning which includes enhancing parenting skills


Funding Partners