A Year of Growth at the Youth Recovery House (YRH)
May 06, 2022

On April 6, 2021 we opened the doors of YRH with the support of Interior Heath, our donors, and other community partners. On May 4, 2021, we welcomed the first young person into the program. Since that day we have had many young people walk through our doors to receive the support they needed for their recovery journey. We’ve had young people complete their program and return to their family and community. We have had young people who have completed high school and have plans for their post-secondary education. We have had young people leave the program early and then return to us when they were ready to try again. This last year has been one of extraordinary growth at YRH. Our team continues to grow and develop the clinical and life skills programming with the input of the youth, our staff and other stakeholders including our physicians. With the support of our donors and funders, YRH has blossomed into a teen friendly home full of art created by the young people themselves on the walls, new plants for spring, and cozy bedrooms. We even have an indoor food & herb garden designed by our awesome chef Manon to support the healthy and fresh meals she prepares for our participants. From the staff at YRH, a big thank you to all our donors, supporters, and community partners who helped us reach this point! You are part of the root network that keep us strong in the face of challenges like the pandemic. We are so excited to expand our service even further as we enter Year 2.