Watson Road Elementary Fundraiser
Mar 30, 2022

The Bridge Youth & Family Services recently received a donation of $470.00 from a group of students with a passion to make this world a better place. The money was raised through a Toonie Drive over a four day period by the Social Justice Club of Watson Road Elementary. The Club is made up of Grade 4 and 5 students, ages 9 – 11, led by Grade 2/3 teacher, Meaghan Walls.

For the last 2 years, the club focused on learning about issues that affect youth in our community. Last year the group learned about youth homelessness and held fundraisers for a local organization to support their initiatives.

This year they wanted to find other organizations that could use support for their youth programs. They recently painted a rainbow staircase in the centre of their school to promote and encourage inclusion of 2SLGBTQIA+ students, staff and community members, so they searched for programs in the community that supported these youth for their fundraiser. They came across The Bridge Youth & Family Services’ Etcetera program and they also loved the Recovery House video. The students didn't want to support just one of those programs, they wanted to support both.

Teacher Meaghan Walls told us, “This group of students is so fiercely passionate about justice and kindness. As soon as they heard about the programs at The Bridge they knew that was what they wanted to raise money for. They are so eager to learn and help others and to share their own stories and experiences with injustice. When Kelly Paley, Director of Community Engagement came by with the big cheque, they all wanted to help write on the cheque and they so easily cooperated and took turns making sure everyone had a fair chance to participate and this is so representative of who they are, in everything they do. When Kelly asked them which program they wanted the money to go towards, Etcetera or The Recovery House, they all unanimously agreed "both" programs without batting an eye.”

Meagan told us how much they appreciate the support of their school administration, Mrs. Janet Williams and Mr. Dave Johnson, and all the teachers and students who supported this initiative. They also appreciate the generosity of everyone who donated and are so happy to have the opportunity to support important local youth programs.